Kairos means “appropriate opportunity”, “season” or “fitting time.” We all respond or react as we connect, or sometimes collide with others on a daily basis. None of us have much of a problem responding to joyful circumstances but often times muddle through difficult ones. This book is not gender or age specific as all of us can better learn to treat others with dignity and respect in order to achieve the best God has for us. I’ve been told this is a different kind of devotional book that will take the reader from laughter to tears and back again. Chapters, if you can call them that are short, approximately 1-3 pages including, personal stories from my life laced with humor, humility, questions, direction, and scripture. Within my book are things I might say to you should we find ourselves face-to-face and sitting side-by-side. Please leave your comments. Share your experiences; your Kairos moments that can help someone else along their way. Communication is a great way to extend "Good Will." Reading my book will get you started with a new and fresh vision of how to relate to your past, present and be excited about your future.

With sincerity,



Author Denise Sherriff and Richard Sherriff

It has been a pleasure being obedient (Finally) and providing you with this book..

I’m very excited to announce the Companion Work Book for Kairos Moments is in the creation stage! It will be an amazing duo for small groups at church, home or work. For those that want to lead a study but aren’t sure how; this is for you. Everything will be at your fingertips!

About the Book


God places Kairos moments in our lives to change our perspectives. These opportune moments spring up at just the right time as God moves through our lives, revealing the people, paths, and experiences that we need in that season. God has the ultimate timing, and this is how he provides the ultimate encouragement.

Inspired by her prayer journal focused on these opportunities for growth, Denise Sherriff's inspirational book Kairos Moments is a compilation of observations of God's hand in our lives. From deepening relationships, healing offenses, and bridling pride, the author addresses the everyday moments that, together, build our lives.

With a good dose of humor and big helping of humility, Kairos Moments delivers the truth about what seem to be random acts, but soon reveal themselves to be much bigger. Paired with scripture from God's Word, each chapter will take you on an exploration of the Bible's message and how we can apply it each and every day. Take the first step to embracing God's opportunities with a heart of servitude, sincerity, and encouragement.