30% OFF !!

This is what I looked like this Monday morning when I saw I could use my 30% coupon on replacing my blender. Seriously, the last time it was used, it began smoking. No. I didn’t throw it away. I simply put it back in the cupboard to see if it would start one more time for even a tiny job of blending.

So embarrassing. It’s not like the coupon was 50% or 75% OFF.

My morning had been kind of sluggish but when I saw the coupon, I was a new woman. That 30% stood out like a neon sign. I’m the kind of person that justifies all the money that stores spend on ads.

The thing is, there was quite a few other items I needed to accomplish in a timely manner………before driving like a maniac to purchase my brand new shinny appliance. Doing any one of them would probably have made my morning go better. But there is something about a SALE! Gotta get there before everybody else!

Off I went. The drive to the mall went like this:

You know how when we least expect it we hear that small voice of God? Seriously, could He not have waited until I conquered my quest. After all, soon the only thing left to do would be to place the blender appropriately on the shelf in my kitchen. Ta Da!

Anyway, I clearly heard the thought He gave me. “Denise, why don’t you pursue me like you pursue a 30% off coupon?”


It’s not that He doesn’t want me to have a new blender. He was simply reminding me of how I approach a morning that isn’t starting off too well. And I get that. Maybe it even helps you a little.

And besides, when I got to the store the sale hadn’t started yet and I couldn’t use the coupon until the following Friday! Read the small print.