How Are You Connected?

I was thinking today of what a Dot-To-Dot game looks like when completed inaccurately. Kind of a mess, I would say. You might have to use your imagination to say that it resembles any thing.

As a youngster they were fun to do and taught us that if you follow the numbers correctly you have something that transforms into a drawing. The drawing was actually always there but it was hidden, so-to-speak. It had to take shape.

Somehow we grow up always trying to connect the sequence of dots or events in our life that transform our dreams into reality; or who we aspire to be or what we envision our part to be in humanity. We are being connected relationally to every circumstance we encounter.

What I am saying is that YOU are more than a haphazardly jumbled bunch of dots.

How you connect the events in your life greatly matter.

Because you are being transformed into someone capable and unique.

Within you are hidden dormant treasures that once take shape have the ability to make a difference in this world.