Love Remains

I pray for quite a few ladies that are waiting for the right husband. It is my prayer that you marry the love of your life as I did. Some of you have indeed found your prince and I enjoy watching your relationship deepen. It's a wonderful gift for a mother or spiritual mother to be part of.

I have stepped into a part of my life where I find joy in sharing words and stories about mine and Richard's life together. Our son was about 4 years old at the time I wrote this letter to my husband.

September 30th 1997

My Dearest Husband;

This letter is so long overdue. I have wanted for sometime now to write YOU a love letter. Over the last few years you have written me such beautiful love letters and I eagerly await each one now at Christmas time. Mine can, in no way measure up to your gift of writing and expres-sing your love for me. So into my heart, please look, as you read this.

I was told some years ago that God would restore my family to me. I had no idea how He would do that. When I look at you and our son, I wonder how I could have ever questioned the Almighty. Since our first date I new we were something exceptional. Our relationship since our marriage has become stronger, closer and more discerning. The amount of trust I have for you in immeasurable. That alone, was such a strong beginning. With unspoken words, you have always tried to do what is right. Not just for me and for our son, but for all concerned.

Over the last few years, I have observed your growth in restructuring the family business as well as redefining your spiritual quest. I have watched you struggle without wavering. And I have seen your humble success. There have been times that I have felt powerless to help you in your endeavors. Growing into motherhood, I have not always known how to direct my energies where needed. And to you, my husband, I ask forgiveness for the times that I did not do or say the right thing. You are so worthy. And it is my hearts desire to be the best wife and mother I can possibly be.

Every day is a genuine new beginning. The past holds us to absolutely nothing but future wisdom. With you as my beloved husband, to love, honor and obey, until death do us part we can accomplish anything. 

(Yes, I said obey. If I remember correctly, I chose not to use that word in our marriage vows.) As growth would have it, I have learned that you would never ask of me anything that would be harmful in anyway. So when we renew our wedding vows, I will be delighted to utilize the word. I will always aspire to be the companion God wants me to be for you. As Jesus had and has such amazing compassion for man, I pray daily that He will change me and reveal to me your needs.

A day does not pass that I do not long for your caress. When you are away, I miss you. I need to hear your voice and look into your beautiful blue eyes that tell all. I know now what true love consists of. It’s everything we are. It’s a relationship that there could never be enough time for. It’s ongoing. Each day is awaited with anticipation. What blessings will there be, what mountains will we overcome? Love is the hurt we feel for one another that no one else can know. Love is the special place in your heart for one another that no one else can fill. I could never spend enough time with you. Sadly, some people will search a lifetime and never ever have what we have. I am so b blessed to be your wife and to have given birth to your son. If possible, I would have loved to have given you lots of children.

Together, I look forward to raising our son. He will be the successor of your inspiration and insight so admirably given. More than anything though, the greatest gift to him will be the spiritual Godly foundation instilled within our home. You and I do not have a lot of that upbringing in our family history. That quest together will bring a long awaited generational change. I have never seen a father more proud than you. Especially when I see you gazing at that sleeping little boy in your arms. One of the greatest blessings a mother and wife can have is to see the love her husband has for her child.

The time we spend together is so precious to me. When ever we are talking, driving, watching a movie, working in the yard or having dinner, I find it difficult to choose a favorite. I know that we don’t have a lot of intimate time together, but that certainly doesn’t mean that I am not trying to figure out how to HAVE a date with you. There is always passion in my heart for you and there is nothing that can hold a candle to the intimate bond we share.

I have learned so much from you and will never stop. You taught me many things as I was working outside our home and you still teach me. My husband, you have character unsurpassed by none. I have wondrous admiration for you and am amazed at the many gifts you have. Are you sure you didn’t stand in line twice when God was passing out these things? I think I was LOOKING for the line to get in. That would be why, if we home school , you will be the teacher and I will be recess . . . . . . gladly.

I wish I could say we have been married for at least 25 years. Though I can’t, I know that our lifetime together will continue to be filled with tremendous excitement. We simply got a later start than most, and that’s okay. In years to come the memories we are building will be treasures upon which to reminisce.

Recently, we had a horrific scare. And the only mention of it I want to say is that there is nothing we cannot go through together. Equally so, there is nothing I want to go through apart. You are my true love and I want us to continue enjoying a healthy, prosperous, happy and spiritually fulfilled life. I have no better friend than you and there is nothing that I would not share with you.

Last of all, you have always made me feel like a princess and every time I see you it is like Christmas. You will forever be like a new package to open.

Your Loving and Devoted Wife,