Merry Christmas With Love

It is my prayer this Christmas we all reach out beyond what we think we can do.

To do what you might ask.

To speak what you haven’t been able to speak.

To embrace what has been out of your grasp.

To smile where there has only been a frown.

To hear something you’ve never really listened for.

To see what you have been blind to.

To stop instead of hurridly passing by.

To open a gateway to your heart that has been closed.

To quietly hug instead searching for words.

To extend an invitation instead of find reasons not to.

To reach beyond your discomfort to make someone else feel better.

Those are only a few things. I’m sure if you give some thought you can add to the list.

But the following is, I believe the most important. And that is:


Merry Christmas as we remember all the ways Christ loves us.

Denise Sherriff

December 24, 2018