My introduction to you.

I researched how to start a BLOG. One article said this. Another said that. One said never do this. Another said always do this. By the time I did my best to digest all the information, I began to think the only thing I could put together was a BLOB!

I appreciated the opportunity to review various articles. But here's the thing, it's more than a BLOG, it's an assignment for me so right or wrong I simply need to begin.

I do want to introduce myself to you so I will start with that.

My name is Denise Sherriff. I was married for 25 years to my late husband. I will share the sudden tragedy of his death 6 months ago in another post. We have an amazing son who just turned 24. I believe in transparency. When I relate to others, there's a place for vulnerable honesty. I care deeply for the people in my personal life and I strive to be a better person every day. I desire to grow spiritually so that I can better serve those that God brings my way.

I am the author of "Kairos Moments" which was published October 2017. It speaks plenty about who I am and my experiences. The book then reflects how God takes our past and present then weaves them into an incredible future. You'll laugh a little, tear up a little and laugh again as you get to know me and the transparent writer I am. You will also see how important a new perspective is to situations in everyday life.

Open the book anywhere and read. Chapters are no more than two pages packed full of real material that's easy to connect with. You may order from this WebPage. How about that! I know, it sounds kind of like a sales pitch and it is because my book was also an assignment and I procrastinated for years before being obedient. Yay! I did it! Please go to one of the sites and check it out.

My passion has always been my family and to build close relationships. I value one-on-one conversation. Just as you may want to know me, I also want to know you. This is probably why I come to life when mentoring. I have seen powerful things happen by simply walking alongside others.

I enjoy speaking on how tragedy and hope coexist. If you're experiencing one, the other is sure to follow. That's why the sub title of my book "Kairos Moments" is; "Your Life Isn't Being Pillaged and Plundered. It's Being Shaped and Molded With Each Opportunity." 

Consider your average day. What goes on? What choices do you need to make? What happened at work or at home? Do you want the best outcome from the simple tasks to the most difficult ones? Because if we (yes, I'm speaking to myself as well) don't learn how to make the best choice in the small things, it's going to be rough when the big things come your way. No status of people is exempt from choices.

Those are the things I talk about in my book, when I speak, when I write, when I mentor and THAT is my desire with this BLOG. It's nearly impossible for me not to encourage. I will always attempt to redirect people to what's waiting for them on the other side of any turmoil or decision. You can make it "through" anything.

I didn't always have someone to help me make those choices. And when I did, my younger self didn't listen very well. That's what I believe my BLOG to be about; engaging conversation. I won't ever tell you what to do, but I can listen and share a new perspective that maybe you haven't considered. And maybe you have something you would like to share as well.

When you read my BLOG it most likely won't be grammatically correct but I believe it will flow in a way that touches your life in a positive way. Once I get the knack of posting regularly, well, then I will be better at posting regularly. I tend to write too much at one time. I will work on that.

This has been my families scripture for many years.

Jeremiah (GW) God's Word Translation

I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.