Salt Rising Bread

I enjoy making homemade bread. Especially when I am baking it to give as a gift. The loaves turn out unique like the people I give them to. 

Recently, a friend who is in his 70's mentioned that he hasn't had Salt Rising Bread since his dad bought it for him as a child. That's a long time ago, right! The last bread I made for him was Peanut Butter Bread and he really enjoyed that. So I thought I would surprise him by making him the special bread that he remembers.

Have you EVER made Salt Rising Bread?  I have since learned (by trial and error) that it is one of the most difficult breads to make! Every recipe I searched out said so. But I thought how difficult could it be?

Well, I have as of today attempted to make it six times! It's turned into a regular science project. But when I think of how blessed this friend will be, I will try again.

Hand made gifts that require us to have a heart for the one we are making them for are the most rewarding. It takes the vision of seeing the end result. The process of making bread is like that. It's messy and I end up looking like a bag of flour exploded. But at that point of flower everywhere means that I am nearing the final product of a beautiful loaf. The reason I say it's important to have a vision is because I haven't even reached the messy flour stage! 

But I will not throw in the Tea Towel, my friend. Because I have a vision of the smile on your face when I hand you your favorite kind of bread. And I will listen to you share your memories of childhood.