Complaining. Not a Good Look!

“A groan or creak under strain”; is of course one of Webster’s definitions of complain in regard to a structure or mechanism. I chose the very expressive photo to show the anguish complaining can cause. We are not a building, but a human “structure.” How much more horrible it can be for us!

Other meanings are 1) express dissatisfaction or annoyance, suffering from pain, grievance, a mournful sound. That’s a key word; mournful. On a consistent basis, others may find it difficult to listen to the sound. Something worth considering.

I have never known someone that hasn’t complained at one time or another.

So what Are the things we complain. about?

What comes to mind for the most part is we struggle with things we cannot seem to get done; so we complain about those things.

What I did was make a list and what I discovered is this:

My list of complaints were mostly all blessings! That was an eye-opener.

They were things I asked for! Not all of them of course. But the ones of the most importance were!

Do you dare take a close look at what’s on your list of complaints?

Is a portion of your list things you asked for? Have you found things to complain about in what you used to see as a blessing?

Some things we have the ability to do something about. Some we don’t.

What I am suggesting is; do something to get a fresh perspective.

All that frowning and groaning from complaining is……..well……..not good for anyone.

Romans 12:18 (ESV)

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.

Denise Sherriff