The Kind Leading the Blind

When we go through a difficult situation for the first time it's rough. It's like we are blind in the realm of the unknown.  It could be that we know someone who has had the same experience and they will walk beside us. Sometimes we don't. The road is ours alone.

I got a call today from a dear friend, (I will call her Sandra) as I was driving home after going for a walk in the foothills. I was nearly home but so happy to chat with her that I kept driving. We continued talking as I drove on enjoying the beautiful country side as we talked.  

My friend Sandra is a survivor of Breast Cancer. She is an amazing wife, mother and grandmother with a full agenda enjoying life with grand children. 

Recently, she ran into a friend Lisa, (Not her real name.) at the grocery store that she hadn't spoken to in about seven years. They simply lost touch. They brought each other up to date about many things.  Sandra shared her victory over breast cancer. 

Within a week or so, Sandra got a call from Lisa who just discovered she had Breast cancer herself. Sandra said, "Is there anything I can do for you? Lisa said, "Yes, please walk beside me as I go through this journey because I don't know what to do or how to navigate through it."

Sandra is of course going to walk this walk with Lisa, whom she did not meet up with by chance. It was a Kairos Moment that God prepared for these two ladies. Lisa asked Sandra, "Is there something I can do for you in return for helping me walk through this cancer treatment? 

Sandra said, "As a matter of fact there is. Lisa, you may meet up with someone who is experiencing what you are going through. I would like you to walk beside them like I am beside you.  In other words "Pay if Forward."

It was agreed.

There are many kind people in this world that have experienced difficult issues.

Use your kindness by taking the hand of someone who is about to walk a path blindly because of unknown territory.

It will mean a lot.