The Year is New!

Maybe you feel like you have been tucked away in a quiet place for a time.

That’s okay.

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to leave some things behind to simply fade away in the year that’s past.

Step into that right now. A lot can happen in the quiet place you create for yourself to reflect.

I have been in one myself. At times I wondered “How quiet can it get? Well, pretty quiet, was my next thought.

Maybe it hasn’t been a restful place in your quiet. And maybe the one now won’t be.

Therein lies the quest; the challenge. if you will.

I am the worst at being quiet. However, I don’t take my assignments lightly and I know from where this one has come. God is detaching me from distractions.

This brand new year is offering us a new and clean slate.

What are your distractions?

What do you need to leave behind so that you can embrace the newness of this next chapter of your life?